Masquerade Club Istanbul

Masquerade Club is the showiest nightclub in Istanbul.

Masquerade Club features a state-of-the-art visual and sound systems. The DJ booth initiates the energy that perfectly blends with LED screens and the rhythm of the music.

Across the red carpet, you’re entering Masquerade Club with your entourage. Different corridors lead you closer to the center, the atmosphere becomes pleasantly warm and energetic. You feel the presence and heat of masque’s all around you, mythological eyes follow every step you make.

Any different space at Masquerade Club follows its design and atmosphere. The taste of ocean evokes when you raise your glass, blending with millions of bubbles on giant screens.

The entertainment starts as soon as you enter the main deck. With every step, you feel a protecting power and the purity of angels around you.

Masquerade Club hosts an exceptional experience and has secured the top international house music DJs as residents, and the pairing of high-caliber DJs with the over-the-top extravagance of the club promises to impress even the most traveled tastemakers.

Masquerade Club Istanbul
Address: Yilizposta Cad Sinan Pasaji 38/26, Gayrettepe, Besiktas, Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 347 1347

Official website / facebook / twitter

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