MiniMuzikhol is breaking all the rules of the Istanbul nightlife scene. MiniMuzikhol has been launched to assist those good old deprived souls who want to experience some subculture firsthand and offers a new alternative to the traditional venues of Istanbul nightlife.

MiniMuzikhol is not a bar playing popular songs nor is it a traditional club blasting deafening dance music. The place intends to have both DJ performances and live bands and does not limit itself strictly to any musical genre. The goal is to create its own scene by adding some intelligence and meaning to the evening fun.

“Focus” nights are also organized at the hall during which differing musical cultures are honored with selected songs and visuals from their history. The first Focus night showcased Caribbean music and featured Reggae, Dub and Calypso styles.

Weekends are generally reserved for dance parties that serve to bring in the crowds that result in long lines at the door, so coming at an earlier hour is recommended.

MiniMuzikhol’s interior was designed by Melis and Sinem Kurultay while the installation in the main hall was designed and applied by Spanish artist Ovni. The permanent Anapop icon was created by Özlem Ölçer and the photography for the flyers is the work of Volga Yıldız. The slideshow and the decorative displays, meanwhile, were conceived by the Web site.

The founding partners consist of the staff of Web sites and, alongside the S.O.A.P. organization team led by Minas Balcıoğlu, from the famous (godet) club. All of them are well-known faces of Istanbul nightlife and all share the idea that the city is not particularly successful at offering different types of entertainment.

There are not many long-standing locations in Istanbul that have created their own identities and shaped their audiences. Peyote, Dogzstar, Babylon and Roxy in Beyoğlu or Dunia, Arkaoda and Karga in Kadıköy might be considered in that category – Mini Müzikhol is a likely candidate to join these select few.

Sıraselviler Caddesi Soğancı Sokak Cihangir Palas 7/1
Taksim – Istanbul

Open through Wednesday’s to Saturday’s


Author: istanbul

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