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Istanbul is hosting Torino’s International Festival of Electronic Music and Arts, Club To Club, for the second time. The guest of honor of the festival is British electronic music artist, DJ and producer James Holden, who is known for his ‘trans’ and ‘minimal’ style. The event will also feature art events and workshops through until Saturday.

Club To Club, Torino’s International Festival of Electronic Music and Arts, is back in Istanbul with an exclusive special edition called “State Of Indepen/Dance.”

Based in Torino, Club To Club is one of Italy’s best-known festivals that began collaborating with the Turkish megacity last November. With a general emphasis on underground house and techno artists, the event draws some of the largest lineups seen on the Italian clubbing calendar each year.

Club To Club Istanbul, which started yesterday, is packed with special previews by some of the most acclaimed visionary musicians worldwide. The festival is taking place in locations including Tamirane, Otto Santral, Energy Museum in Santralistanbul, Minimuzikhol and Sumahan Space (1902), and will feature some of the most significant names in today’s music scene who will perform until the end of the festival on Saturday.

The premiere of the film “Zeitgeist Istanbul,” by multi-awarded video artist Carlos Casas, will also feature at the festival and will be followed the works of four upcoming contemporary Turkish video artists: Can Eren, Candaş Şişman, Burçin Esin and Umut Kebabcı. The videos will all be airing at santralistanbul Energy Museum at the top of the Golden Horn in Eyüp.

The guest of honor of the festival is British electronic music artist, DJ and producer James Holden. Known for his “trans” and “minimal” style, Holden’s popularity skyrocketed with his “The Idiots Are Winning” album. Holden later founded his own record label Border Community, which started the careers of many young musicians, such as Nathan Fake and a number of others. Holden often performs alongside his label mates at one of his Border Community label nights at Corsica Studios in London. He will be at santralistanbul with electronic music producer Luke Abbott.

London-based electronic music artist, DJ, and owner of the Hyperdub record label Kode9 will play half an hour of new material in his two-hour program at the festival. The program will also include tracks from his 2011 album “Black Sun.” Kode9 draws on dub reggae in his works, and whe as one of the founding members of the early dubstep scene, which he views as a continuation of developments originally stemming from U.K. Hardcore.

Club To Club Istanbul will also feature art events and workshops while the interactive video installation “Skipping Tales” will be open to children and adults of all ages.

The workshop event “Music is Everywhere” will be for kids between the ages of 5 and 12. Children will playfully create music from nothing with the objects surrounding them, discovering electronic music that comes from the magic of simplicity. Another workshop “Performing Electronic Music” will also be open to all ages.

Tickets for each event are priced at 45 Turkish Liras. For further info, please visit

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