Oldest human skeletons ever discovered in Istanbul

Skeletons of early Anatolians dating back 8,500 years have been discovered in Istanbul’s Yenikapı area.

The discovery of the two skeletons indicates that Istanbul’s history reaches farther back in time than previously believed. “Such remains have not been discovered during the excavation before; these are the oldest graves in Anatolia,” says anthropology expert Dr. Yasemin Yılmaz.

Since the excavations around Yenikapı, the site of the ongoing construction on the Marmaray tunnel underneath the Marmara Sea, started in 2004, many shipwrecks, amphoras, cemeteries and around 40,000 artifacts have been uncovered in the area.

Istanbul is said to have a 2,500-year-old history. With the Marmaray excavations, they have revealed that Istanbul has an 8,000-year-old history.

Author: istanbul

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