Ottoman weapons at Topkapi Palace

A restoration project carried out at Istanbul’s Topkapı Palace Weapons Section has been completed.

Thanks to special animations made for the project, which will cost a total of 4.5 million Turkish Liras, virtual Janissaries will introduce the weapons and dresses of the period, while the Ottomans’ deployment on three continents will be seen in miniatures.

The weapons section of Istanbul’s Topkapı Palace is being entirely redesigned and will soon display short animations and films featuring Ottoman soldiers and weapons culture.

According to a written statement released by the Istanbul Provincial Administration, the renovation work at the Topkapı Palace Weapons Section, which served as the Foreign Treasury Building during the Ottoman Empire, was recently finished using the latest technological equipment.

After the completion of the restoration project, a new project will be launched for the display of the works. The project will cost a total of 4.5 million Turkish Liras.


Author: istanbul

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