Pamela Anderson in Istanbul

Former Playboy model, Pamela Anderson is in Istanbul to shoot a TV commercial for a Turkish chips brand and reportedly visited the set of a Turkish TV show.

The blonde bombshell attracted people with her sympathetic gestures in the airport upon her arrival in Istanbul. She greeted her Turkish fans as saying ‘Merhaba, ‘hello’ in Turkish ‘Merhaba’. Nowadays, Pamela Anderson is playing a chips brand’s face on television ads and she will film another one in her recent Turkey-visit.

Pamela Andersen had visited Turkey many times. She would not forget Bodrum, where she has been in her last Turkey visit before. Famous actress said she was very happy to be in Turkey again.

Voluptuous vegetarian Pamela Anderson loves Turkish food very much. She praised Turkish cuisine and said that she enjoyed many vegetarian recipes in her previous visits. Pamela Anderson has a full agenda for her recent Istanbul stay.

Canadian celebrity Pamela Anderson will make a guest appearance in an upcoming episode of the popular Turkish sitcom “Yalan Dünya” (World of Lies), daily Hürriyet has reported.

Security was tight at the set as Anderson came to do her scenes. Taking photos of the star on set was not permitted.

Gülse Birsel, the writer and the leading actress of the show, said Anderson would be playing herself, but she refrained from revealing any more details.

The episode featuring Anderson will air next week.

Author: istanbul

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