Paris Hilton filming new movie in Istanbul and Cappadocia

American socialite Paris Hilton will soon be heading to Istanbul and the Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir to star in the film “Yarmani.”

The Plato film production crew recently paid a visit to Nevşehir in order to scout locations for the shooting of the new film entitled ‘Yarmani’, a comedy that will tell the story of an ingenious Anatolian boy transforming into a famous fashion guru.

The film team along with director Barış Denge, general coordinator Fahrettin Kuru and lead actor Erkan Köse met with Nevşehir Mayor Hasan Ünver at his office.

The film project was a significant one for the owner of Plato Film’s Sinan Çetin, according to Kuru, adding that they expected the film would draw interest not only in Turkey but also internationally.

Paris Hilton will be co-starring alongside Erkan Köse who plays an innocent Anatolian boy who transforms into a fashion guru.

The three-week shooting of the comedy film ‘Yarmani’ will be in both Istanbul and the Cappadocia region in Turkey as well as in Los Angeles. Once locations have been scouted, shooting for the film directed by Barış Denge is set to begin next week.

Author: istanbul

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