Park Art gallery in Istanbul opens

Park Art Istanbul, the largest art gallery of Istanbul’s Kadıköy district, has opened its doors with British artist Azim Colin Looker’s “Glittering images of Shamanic Journeys” exhibition.

The gallery’s mission is to open space for artists who produce contemporary and universal artworks. Especially with photography exhibitions, Park Art Istanbul will host important events and will represent Turkey’s art life at the international level.

The gallery will open space for art, sculpture, photography and new media exhibitions and will be a stage for unique workshops. The gallery is owned by photographers Willy Sinn and Bahar Aykaç. Azim Colin Looker defines his works with the statement, “The painting does not depend on an external light source and shadows to create three dimensional space, but pure color and inner light.

Really I am not painting this world, but the next, very close and very ancient.”

Author: istanbul

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