Playing Ping pong on Bosphorus Bridge Istanbul

Istanbul is a magic place, a city on two continents where everything seems possible with the world’s first table tennis match on two continents.

The traffic on the Bosphorus Bridge was stopped for half an hour on Sunday morning, for a table tennis match between the world-famous Ping pong stars Lui Guoliang and Werner Schlager. The two Ping pong stars played a table tennis match on the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul city on two continents.

The Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul provides an important connection between two continents, a city of more than 18 millions inhabitants.

The Asia to Europe route on the bridge in Istanbul was closed for thirty minutes for what was probably the first-ever intercontinental table tennis match. Two top-ranked players, Austria’s Werner Schlager and Ko Lai Chak from Hong Kong showed their skills around the table, which was placed right in the middle, laying half on the Asian side and half on the European.

The event symbolically preceded the Asia-Euro Cup, a table tennis tournament that will bring together five players from both continents. First in the two-leg event will be in August in China, one of the strongholds of the sport, and the other will be in Turkey, in November.

The event took a lot of effort from the ping pong federation, Istanbul Municipality and Istanbul Governorship.


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