Skyport Istanbul

Skyport Istanbul is an unique project in the Beylikdüzü area. It will redefine the appearance of the region and make Beylikdüzü one of the attraction centers of Istanbul. Skyport is waiting for people who want to take a place at the peak which uses exceptional technology together with a distinguished location and a high quality of infrastructure.

Skyport Istanbul has not only home-office solutions, entertainment and sport centers but also recreation sites within its 42.000 m2 of total occupied land. Furthermore this land also includes unique architecture on a land of 9.500 m2. Hence overall Skyport has become a new label for the peak of Beylikdüzü.

After you step into Skyport, you will be faced with several exceptionalities that you will be unable to resist. At the five star hotel lobby you will be greeted by Valet & Concierge services and for your safety selected personnel will accompany you to the elevators that go to the home-office levels?hence you will become addicted to Skyport from the moment that you first step into this residence.

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