Istanbul Starbucks Toilets Password Protected

Global coffee chain Starbucks operating in Turkey for 9 years has installed a special security system to their toilets.

Due to the high demand on toilet visits in busy hours, Starbucks Istanbul decided to protect their customers by using this system.

From now on if you are not a Starbucks customer but want to use the restroom facility only, you will need to buy a drink or anything so that you can obtain a password. The special code will be printed on the receipt along with your purchase.

A separate password is not provided for every customer. The passwords are specially given to each branch and are changed every three to four months.

Already branches in Kadikoy, Taksim and Beyoglu started to use this system.

Starbucks Communication and Social Responsibility Manager Aslı İnoğlu Dinçler said “This way our own customers have priority when using the toilets in our high-demand branches, we started this in response to our customers’ demands’’

Small tip to customers around Kadikoy area ; Kadıköy branch password: 1907

The password discussions started after it was implemented at Starbucks’ Kadıköy Bazaar location. Commentators on one Internet site reported that the password at the Kadıköy location is “1907,” as the Kadıköy branch manager supports Fenerbahçe. The popular football team was founded in 1907.

Author: istanbul

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