The New Hollywood? Istanbul to Build Giant Movie Studio

Istanbul is becoming a major destination for Hollywood movies, including “James Bond movie Skyfall” and Oscar-winning movie “Argo.”

Over the years, Istanbul’s unique visual backdrop have been a favorite set location for international filmmakers. But while the city’s cultural and historical significance have long served as a backdrop for films, as well as TV adverts, Istanbul is now aiming to make a major destination for both location filming and top-quality studio productions.

Istanbul plans to build a mega film set on a 266 square-meter area of property in Beykoz and is expected to become the film sector’s new center of attraction.

Ongoing efforts are in place to build a huge platform stage on a 266 square meter area of land in Kılıçlı, Beykoz. This platform, which is being set up on an extensive area of land rented by the District Forestry Department through a tender, will be designed to resemble the film studios in Hollywood.

Beykoz Mayor Yücel Çelikbilek says that Beykoz, with its deep accumulation of history, culture and the arts as well as its geographical characteristics making it the “pearl of the Bosphorus,” will not only become an important residential center for Istanbul but also for greater Turkey.

Pointing out that up until just recently, Beykoz stood out for being a draw for the industry sector, Çelikbilek stated, “‘In addition to the industry present in the region, the Kılıçlı Film Platform will also contribute significantly to the area’s transformation. The Kılıçlı Film Platform is one of the most important projects we have embarked on, not only for its capability of increasing the region’s brand value but also in order to establish the standards of a high-quality tourism city. When it is completed it will not only be a center for Istanbul-based films, but it will also become the highest filmed destination in Turkey. This new stage platform will not only attract film lovers to the region, but it will also draw in domestic and foreign tourists. It will make a significant contribution to both the film industry as well as the region’s tourism,” said Çelikbilek.

Beykoz Deputy Mayor Metin Torun explained that they have also renovated former military buildings in the region, which are now ready for use and stated, “The infrastructure work on the platform is complete. What remains is the building of two large studios and the environmental landscaping. Right now, television shows could be filmed here,” said Torun.

Author: istanbul

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