Thirty Seconds To Mars to rock Istanbul

Thirty Seconds To Mars, who has earned fame in America’s alternative rock community, will rock Istanbul on 30th of June Sunday at Parkorman with their unique performance and high tension acts.

Vodafone Istanbul Calling is preparing to become one of Istanbul’s biggest festival held for 3 months throughout the summer of 2013. Sponsored by Vodafone and Garanti Bank, the festival will host numerous foreign and local stars in different venues throughout Istanbul.

Initially known for his work as an actor (movies like Requiem for a Dream and Fight Club), Jared Leto decided to start his music career as he approached his 30s. He co-founded Thirty Seconds to Mars in 1998 with his brother, drummer Shannon Leto. The band’s very name implies the accelerated society we live in, suggesting that an escape may be as close as a few seconds away.

Thirty Seconds To Mars are a captivating, imaginative new band from Southern California . The band found success in the 2000s but it was the platinum-selling “A Beautiful Lie” that officially opened the flood gates in 2005, securing the band a frequent presence on MTV while paving the way for a number of successful tours. It took three years to record “A Beautiful Lie”, with the bandmates traveling to four different continents to work with Jared Leto on his movie sets. The groups audience also expanded more by placing all-access passes into 12 copies of the album, the bandmates also showed a savvy appreciation for marketing, which they revisited several years later by putting fans’ photographs on the cover of their third album, “This Is War”.

NASA and SpaceX will launch “Up in the Air,” the new song by Thirty Seconds to Mars, from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. It will travel aboard a Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Dragon cargo capsule and land at the International Space Station, where it will be greeted by astronaut Tom Marshburn. The extensive effort marks the beginning of Thirty Seconds to Mars’ promotional activity for their fourth studio album, due out later in 2013. Leto and his fellow bandmates toured their previous album, “This Is War”, for two years, setting a Guiness World Record for the number of shows played in support of a single album (311-plus shows in 60 countries on six continents).

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