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Istanbul is paying a tribute to Michael Jackson with Thrill The World, an annual worldwide simultaneous dance of “Thriller” for world records and charity.

An organization called “Thrill The World” aims to get people on the streets to pay tribute to late pop star Michael Jackson. This time, people will not be standing straight or walking in the streets, but dancing to Jackson’s “Thriller” song. The event will be happening in many large cities around the world simultaneously.

In 2008, the number of people who participated in the legendary activity reached 4,179, from 10 different countries. To break last year’s record, Turkey decided to participate. People will gather in front of Ümraniye Shopping Mall at 3:30 a.m. to thrill the world. Screens will be placed in every location, allowing the dancers to see themselves live.

Since mid-September, people have been gathering at Depo Dance Café in the Taksim district to practice for the big event. Prominent dance teachers have been training participants on specific days. Though the six minute song is not easy to dance to, the organization is looking for amateur and professional dancers alike. If a person still has the power in his or her feet, or if he or she has the moves, and would like to pay tribute to Michael Jackson, accompanied by thousands of dancers around the world, it is not too late.

All participants from around the world will dance at the same time to Michael Jackson’s Thriller song. This year the event will also be joined by Istanbul on October 25, 2009 and the whole world will be watching. Anyone can learn this dance it’s very easy .. to learn the Thriller dance and participate on October 25.

Go join the trainings! This year, the goal is to have 270,000 participants in order to break the Guiness World Record.

More info on the website

See the michael jackson dance rehearsal in Beyoglu/ Istanbul / Turkey below

Michael Jackson Tribute (Istanbul) from Uğur Ceylan on Vimeo.

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