Tour de France Alaturka

Just like Tour de France, but now there will be a tour in Turkey and it’s going to be big and famous worldwide.

The very own Presidency Cycling Tour of Turkey will do their best to get the tour cycling’s distinctive feel.

The Tour of Turkey with already a history of 43 years is going to be a brand new competition this year.

The Turkish media is very enthusiastic about the event and is going to follow the complete tour.

With all the attention it is going to be a boost for Turkish tourism industry. The tour will bring also great road improvements to the surrounding areas of the route.

Who said cycling does only belong to the French, the Italian or the Spanish? Tour de Turkey will be a race that has the potential to become a very important one.

At the moment the Turkish team is training for the tour around Bodrum-Marmaris.

The tour will start in Istanbul April 13 and after eight rounds that go through the Aegean region to the Mediterranean, it will end in Alanya on April 20. The 22 international teams that will compete on this 1,076-kilometer route are vying to win the grand prize of 150,000 euros.

Source: Turkish Daily News

Author: istanbul

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