Remembering The Turkish Daily News

The Turkish Daily News was a Turkish daily. It was considered Turkey’s first and largest English-language daily. It was established in March 1961, back in the old days, when newspapers made money.

On the day voices across the globe shout out in joy for the successful election of Barack Obama as U.S. president, we are saying goodbye to an old friend, the Turkish Daily News.

The last notice on their website to the readers writes:

As of Monday, Nov. 3, the Turkish Daily News is operating under a new name and brand: Hurriyet Daily News & Economic Review. There are a host of changes in the newspaper and more are planned. Dramatic change will also come to our web site. At the moment, we are continuing to operate under the old URL,

They have been covering news in Turkey for almost 50 years and I really enjoyed reading the TDN website and paper. We will miss their great stories and feature articles about Turkey’s daily news.

The paper has now folded into Hürriyet as the Hürriyet Daily News. Hürriyet is the most popular newspaper in Turkey. The new website of the Hürriyet Daily News looks nice and clean and I will check their news from now on, but I will miss the old Turkish Daily News.

Which Turkish news papers and sites do you read for your daily Turkish news in english?

Author: istanbul

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