Victoria’s Secret opens at Istanbul Ataturk Airport

ATU, which has brought numerous world-renowned brands to Istanbul Ataturk Airport so far, now houses Victoria’s Secret for the airport passengers with the cooperation of UNIFREE. The shop located on the departure floor of the International Terminal of the Istanbul Ataturk Airport became the center of focus from the first day on.

Victoria’s Secret offers an assortment of 162 different perfumes and cosmetic goods as well as a range of 566 accessories in Ataturk Airport. Among this wide range of cosmetic products, the recently launched perfume “Sexy Little Things Heartbreaker” and the VS Fantasies body care products were the most outstanding ones. Victoria’s Secret proved its success in accessories range with the intensive attention it attracted from the passengers. In the rich product scale of Victoria’s Secret, one can find cosmetic bags and cases, covers for technological devices used in business life, passport cases and wallets along with many other products.

Victoria’s Secret, which was opened at Ataturk Airport Duty Free with the initiative of Unifree, became the center of attention with its peculiar design. The outlet, reflecting the glamorous atmosphere of the catwalk, catches the eye with the pink colors and stripes that are used in harmony. Footages from the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, which are held once a year and described as being the best show ever, are displayed on the gigantic screens inside the shop.

Departing passengers of the Istanbul Ataturk Airport now has the opportunity to shop both for themselves and for their beloved ones.

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